Mochipet, Bass Science and Glitchmob Remixes


W00t, i made a remix for one of the sanfran alternative scene pioneers, Mochipet. I did it ages ago for a remix contest, which I didnt win 🙂

Mochipet – Sharpdrest (KLOSELINE’s Streetbass Remix).mp3

I also have a Mochipet remix done by my mate Matt b from Tokyo and 2 nice more commercial remixes. He is going on Europe tour with Bass Science, kicking off in Augsburg on the 1oth of June. Go check them out for some serious Ableton mashup wickedness.

Mattb vs Mochipet- ‘V-necks’.mp3

Bow_wow_vs_Mattb -‘Rok Da Mike’.mp3


As an extra i have this wicked Glitch Mob remix of Matty G’s – West Coast Rocks. A bit old but still dope and with 80 bpm, not your usual dubstep sound!



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