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Rossi B and Luca – Jungle Mix

June 30, 2009

Even though I admit that Jungle is dead, I bring you one of my favorite Jungle mixes. Its put together by English DMC Champs Rossi B and Luca. Nobody knows them, but you should. Those guys are some of the best Bassline, Niche, 4×4 and Dubstep DJs out there and somehow never got the popularity they deserve. Check out the promo Youtube video for some crazy non-Serato live 4×4 mashup and then grab the Jungle mix.

Rossi B and Luca – Junglemix.mp3


Breaks and Scratches

June 19, 2009

The scratch scene is pretty much dead, sad thing this is, but to be honest who wants to see a guy who’s scratching it up the whole night in a club… pretty much no one. However, what is a dj if he can’t scratch. Imho, not a dj. Everyone should be at least able to pull out some baby scratches. So get my two favourite breaks and a collection of scratch samples and practice a lot. Having a one or  2 minute scratch session during a one hour set is always sweet 🙂




Jurassic 5 – Concrete Schoolyard (KLOSELINE BMore Remix)

June 13, 2009

Nothing to say, play it loud in the club, tonight at 1am!

Jurassic 5-Concrete Schoolyard (KLOSELINE BMore Remix).mp3


Top Billin, Sharkslayer and an electro dubstep wobbler

June 11, 2009

Classic rework of the all known Cold as Ice tune by Sharkslayer, check out his other work at

Sharkslayer – Cold As Ice.mp3

And one by Top Billin, Helsinki’s Bmore mastermind in a rave mode.


Some Ska for the Sunday afternoon bbq session!


And a little dubstep electro tune i came up with recently. It is not finished and hell its not even mastered yet. Please ignore the subbass quality 🙂 (I hate my new neighbours…) I would be thankful for some response to get the creativity going again.

KLOSELINE – Eclecstep.mp3


Smooth HipHop, French Pop Mashup & Dubstep

June 7, 2009


1.) Fiva MC – Immer Noch (Grizu Remix)
2.) Pony Pony Run Run – Hey You (Grizu RD09 Edit)
3.) Grizu – Marbylonian (Minimal Dub)
4.) Grizu – Dub Döner (F*** Maxstrasse Anthem)

[22MB ZIP-File]

The first track is a smooth HipHop song. Then I mashed up Pony Pony Run Run from France with some Rapper’s Delight 2009 Flavor. Marbylonian just was my first track with NI Maschine right after unboxing this beast. The last track features some Vocals from a TV newsbreak about a stupid new law in my old hometown Augsburg, where you are not allowed to eat and drink outside at night anymore.


Classic Kicks x Classic Tunes

June 2, 2009

brrt, Nike Air Max One returns in the OG colour to a Foot Locker next you (pobably not Germany, since German Footlockers are the worst piece of shit ever… you hear me…)

Cop them if you can and read the bla bla at snkrfrkr and overkill

In order to celebrate this I hook you up with a few nice mixable hip hop edit’s by benny b. Can’t find his myspace, but you can catch him at Low-Beezy’s

Nas – Message _Benny B 8 Bar Intro_.mp3

GZA – Liquid Swords _Benny B 8 Bar Intro_.mp3

Wu -Tang Clan – WTC Aint Nothin to F With _Benny B 8 Bar Intro_.mp3