Deadline Vestax Digital DJ Battle 2010

May 11, 2010 by

Wer immer die neusten Tracks spielen will und gerne kreativ arbeitet nutzt schon seit Jahren Digitale Vinyl Systeme wie Serato Scratch Live, Traktor Scratch Pro, Torq Conectiv Vinyl oder andere. Viele sind auch komplett auf moderne Technik umgestiegen und arbeiten mit Rechner, Software und Midicontroller(n). Die Grenzen zwischen Auflegen und Produzieren verschwimmen hierbei und es zeigt sich ganz deutlich wer nur mit Hilfe der umstrittenen Synctaste seine Trackauswahl abspielt oder wirklich kreativ arbeitet um sich von anderen DJs abheben zu können.
Noch bis zum 16. Mai kannst auch Du eine Bewerbung für den von Vestax organisierten Digital DJ Battle 2010 abgeben, bei dem CD-Player und Turntables nicht benutzt werden dürfen und nur Rechner + Software + Controller erlaubt sind.
Wie im letzten Jahr werde ich (Grizu) beim Finale (28.05.2010 im Cocoon, FFM) das musikalische Rahmenprogramm beim Battle gestalten und würde mich über richtige Showcases der Teilnehmer freuen. Checkt mal DJ Moldover, Ean Golden, DJ Nu-Mark, Shadow, usw. als Inspiration und lasst Euch was beeindruckendes einfallen. Tracks abspielen und mal einen Effekt anmachen kann jeder und ist mindestens so langweilig wie mit normalem Vinyl stundenlang nur immer zwei Tracks zu mixen.
Es lohnt sich. Immerhin winken Stuff, ein Gig in Tokyo und gute Promotion wärs ja auch da zu gewinnen.

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Berlin Weekend Heavy Bass Nightlife Party Guide 7.5-9.5.10

May 7, 2010 by


Some stuff is going on this weekend. Including me playing at a student party on a ship for just 3€ 🙂


  • Ritter Butzke hosts Wasted German Youth with Schlachthofbronx, Schowi, Tim Turbo and some other guys. Gonna be good with a mix of tropical bass and other sub genres.
  • Horst Kreuzberg hosts the Hotflush label night with Scuba and some others.
  • Festsaal Kreuzberg has Jahcoozi, Barefoot Wanderer and Robot Koch. More tropical world music.
  • Saturday:

  • I’m (KLOSELINE) DJing at MS Hoppetosse. It’s a ship next to Aren Club Kreuzberg/Treptow. Come on in it’s only 3€. I will play different styles of music by most of the artist you can read on the right hand side and some others.
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    Berlin Weekend Heavy Bass Party Nightlife Guide 30.4-2.5.10

    April 30, 2010 by


    First of May is happening and the police is getting ready. Hopefully not a reason to not go out for my readers!


  • Felix Cartal at Icon
  • strong>Surkin at Maria
  • Dubstep with Fused Forces and Ill Bill Bachelor at Schlesischer Bahnhof
  • Saturday:

  • Check out Kreuzberg during the day, there will be parties everywhere with drinks and lots of friendly people.
  • Zombie Disco Squad and Spoek Mathambo at Villa. It is imho the party of the week.
  • More Dubstep at Calabash Club with Bossy and some dude from Hamburg
  • Sunday:

  • DJ Donna Summer and other at Jacki Terasse (Maria)
  • Free Song: Drop the Lime – Set me free (Zombie Disco Squad Remix).mp3


    It’s like the best shit, ever!!

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    Berlin Heavy Bass Weekend Guide 23.4 – 25.4.10

    April 23, 2010 by


    Yey, another epicsode of my (weekly) party guide!


  • Icon has Stereo Heroes – Never heard of them but their sound doesn’t sound too bad 😉 Very sawtoothish tho…
  • One of my friends from Japan is DJing at Raum18, Neukölln tonight. It’s about time to check out this new venue. Also if you havent heard, Neukölln is the new black. Matt B is the name of the guy and he’s the head of the Made in Glitch label. He plays (drumrolls please) Glitch music.
  • Saturday:

  • Smirnoff Party at E-Werk – The legendary night club opens its doors for Simian Mobile Disco, Boy 8 Bit and some (punk?) band. I hope there will be free booze. AFAIK you can only win tickets for this event. Google for smirnoff Berlin if you want to find out.
  • Berlin Heavy Bass Weekend Party Guide 9.4-11.4.10

    April 9, 2010 by

    Friday: Berghain has Skream and Untold among others. Period.
    Icon has some Buraka Som Sistema guys DJing. Definitely worth a visit if you can’t get into Berghain…

    Rest will follow tomorrow…

    No weekend guide this week

    April 3, 2010 by


    Ayoba Rmx Pt. 2 & “WTF!?!” in Augsburg this weekend

    March 30, 2010 by

    Download of the full (demo)version via SoundCloud.

    OSTERSAMSTAG 03.04.2010
    ab 23 Uhr
    Schwarzes Schaf Klub
    Ludwigstrasse, Augsburg

    “WTF!?!” – Easteregg Edition

    Elektronisch, bunt, bassig und total abgefahren!

    Im WE LOVE BASS Geburtstagsmonat darf auch “WTF!?!” nicht im Terminkalender fehlen. Zum vierten Mal im Schwarzes Schaf Klub wird hier nicht nur der Osterhase zum durchdrehen gebracht.
    Electro, Baltimore Club, Fidget House, Booty Bass, Balkantechno, Juke und Dubstep bis auch der letzte Schnee geschmolzen ist.

    An den Turntables sorgen DJ Roughmix (Urban Nerds), Mike Instant (Ex-Notaufnahme) & Grizu (We ♥ Bass) mit krassen Loops, dicken Basslines und steilen Ravekurven für heiße Moves auf dem Dancefloor.

    Für die Early Birds gibts wieder ermäßigten Eintritt bis 23:59 Uhr.

    WE ♥ BASS auf MySpace:

    WE ♥ BASS auf Facebook:

    Berlin Weekend Party Nightlife Wobble Heavy Bass Guide 26.3 – 28.3.10

    March 26, 2010 by


    Another epi(c)sode of the bass heavy party guide for Berlin – the guide you trust.


  • The biggest thing tonight is of course the Birthday Party at Club Joseph (Side entrance of Maria) with DJ Donna Summer and some special guests. I’ve already told you last week to download Duran Duran Duran‘s mixtape full of bass heavy Juke and Ghetto Tech. We’ll see how it goes. I expect a ride through all bass heavy party music genres including 20 !KILOS! of confetti.
  • Except of this there are some Japanese Dubstep guys DJing in Neukölln at Shangl Hangl (Flyer below)
  • Saturday:

  • Nothing too exciting. Far too loud from the UK are in town. Google for it, I think it’s at Cassiopeia. And there is another thing which I forgot about it. However, nothing too serious, since all the cool kids are in Miami, bitch!
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    Berlin Weekend Nightlife Party Wobble Guide 19.3-21.3.10

    March 19, 2010 by

    Another weekend, another issue. First of all: Some might have heard that the best club line up wise has closed. RIP WMF…again. It’s just rumors for now, but we’ll see what’s happen. However, it is a fact that all parties have been moved to other locations.


  • Best party this weekend. Youngsta is playing Hrst Kreuzberg. It will be a special 2004-2005 Dubs set. Gonna be sick! I hope the killasan soundsystem will be there as well.
  • Sick Girls are playing Bounce Bounce at Calabash Club.
  • Saturday:

  • Apparat & Skate as well as Phon.o are playing WMF. The event has moved to: ?Weekend? tbc
  • As a free download I suggest the Duran Duran Duran mixtape. Listen to it closely, they will play Birthdayparty next week at Club Josef, Maria. It’s a great selection of Bootie Bass and shit you rather not hear in Berlin’s nightlife.