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Berlin Weekend Nightlife Guide 12 December 2009

December 12, 2009

Hi all,
I was at #NI christmas party that’s why I have to give you my weekend advice today. I hope everyone figured out that there was the WARP20 night at Berghain yesterday with Rustie and HudMo and Tim Exile etc.

Saturday: Picknick has Yum Yum with Schowi and Chrome

That’s about it… however there is a Dubstep night at Tacheles as well with rather unknown DJ’s…



Berlin Weekend Nightlife Guide 4 – 5 December 2009

December 4, 2009

Just a quick one, since im sick in bed 😦


Villa has Thee Mike B

Berlin Weekend Nightlife Guide 27 – 28 November 2009

November 27, 2009


Your favorite nightlife guide is back! Sorry for always posting that late. I’m working for this DJ company from 10-7 Mon-Fri :-/


  • Maria has Bass the World with foreigners I’ve never heard of and Locals like Danny Bwoy and DJ Maxximus. Good choice if you’re into Dubstep!
  • Saturday:

  • Villa has BokBok and Sick Girls and some guy called Sick boy who is supposed to be on DimMak… Quality night but there is this better thing…
  • Which is WMF again… A-Trak and Joker of the Scene nuff said… Also Mikix the Cat is spinning some tunes! WMF not the best Club tho but yea quality bookings.
  • Berghain usually never featured here has Jesse Rose,Riva Starr and Zombie Disco Squad!!! Quality. If you’ve never been to Berghain and don’t want to wait for the next Dubstep night there, this is the place to be on Sat.
  • Sunday:

  • Horst Kreuzberg has Wax Treatment with Appleblim and Shackleton and Berlins best BASS soundsystem by Killasan. Starting from 6pm
  • vil

    Berlin Weekend Guide 12-14 November 2009

    November 12, 2009

    The weekend starts early this week:
    Thursday: Crookers@WMF, support by Birdy Nam Nam


  • Dot Club has Yo! Remember the 90s. Haven’t been there yet but sounds interesting. It’s a night dedicated to 90’s Rap.
  • Icon has SebAstian French ed banger house music… sawtooth basslines all night long.
  • Maria has Dr. Ring Ding and others playing the irie sound
  • Volksbühne aka Roter Salon aka Sternfoyer has Shir Khan and some others. Not too sure but sounds promising. Berlin hipster approach. Don’t expect any wobbles tho….
  • Saturday:

  • Astra Kulturhaus has Dizzee Rascal wicked and shouldn’t be missed!!!
  • VCF has Freak Camp Crew asks: bored?. New Dubstep approach with a focus on non wobble basslines and UK-Funky
  • and here’s a new tune by my man Hostage!

    Berlin Weekend Guide

    November 6, 2009

    Sorry for not blogging in a while, I’ve been busy at work.
    I’m trying to start a new weekly thing here with flyers about all the interesting parties in Berlin.
    I’m not going to explain the artist, either you know them, or you dont, however you can take it for sure that the music played on those parties i post directly relates to the music i post on this blog. So basically if you download music off this blog and like it, it is likely that you enjoy the parties.

    Friday: Nothing :-/

    2526 / a made up sound
    Don Williams
    Marc FM
    Heidestrasse 14, nahe Hauptbahnhof

    Also, Roni Size plays at the Mikz…