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Controllerism with a Vestax VCI-300

May 18, 2009

To kick off as a contributor for this new blog I start with posting this video. It shows me looking for ideas to work out for a Controllerism routine with the Vestax VCI-300 Midicontroller and Serato ITCH software.

This is some stuff I’m still working on:

-Playing drums with the CUE-buttons and creating melodies using the pitchfader at the same time
-Backspins with a little help of cuepoints, so you don’t have to turn the jogwheels to get back at the same point of a track
-Cutting tracks into pieces and rearange them using the cuepoints or play new melodies like I did
-Using Ean Golden’s tempo trick in a different way
-Basic Scratches just to show that reacts like regular vinyl without any latency