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Ayoba Rmx Pt. 2 & “WTF!?!” in Augsburg this weekend

March 30, 2010

Download of the full (demo)version via SoundCloud.

ab 23 Uhr
Schwarzes Schaf Klub
Ludwigstrasse, Augsburg

“WTF!?!” – Easteregg Edition

Elektronisch, bunt, bassig und total abgefahren!

Im WE LOVE BASS Geburtstagsmonat darf auch “WTF!?!” nicht im Terminkalender fehlen. Zum vierten Mal im Schwarzes Schaf Klub wird hier nicht nur der Osterhase zum durchdrehen gebracht.
Electro, Baltimore Club, Fidget House, Booty Bass, Balkantechno, Juke und Dubstep bis auch der letzte Schnee geschmolzen ist.

An den Turntables sorgen DJ Roughmix (Urban Nerds), Mike Instant (Ex-Notaufnahme) & Grizu (We ♥ Bass) mit krassen Loops, dicken Basslines und steilen Ravekurven für heiße Moves auf dem Dancefloor.

Für die Early Birds gibts wieder ermäßigten Eintritt bis 23:59 Uhr.

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TRVS x DJ A-Trak

March 17, 2010

Do you remeber Travis Barker & DJ AM (R.I.P.)?
My boy STVN (Drums/Call McClane) and I allways loved them, but somehow we thought it’s still to simple. They were pretty limited to Rock, Funk and HipHop related tracks in their sets. I also missed stuff like cuepoint playing, and a bit more turntablism.
So we decided to do something like these two, but with scratching, cuepointjuggling, rearranging tracks live, samples, the good old Q&A game between the drummer and the DJ, plus we played Dubstep, Bmore, Rock, HipHop and Fidget House in our set.
After 4 months in the bandroom we played only one show at the local skateshops (Titus Marburg) anniversary party in November 2009. I left Marburg and moved back home to Augsburg, so the project is currently dead.

Now I realized that TRVS teamed up with DJ A-Trak. They played their first show a few days ago and have some videos available in the internet. Damn, I love that shit. Now it seems like TRVS found the perfect DJ for another dope collabo. What I’ve seen so far really fits the gap of what we (STVN & Grizu) missed back then with DJ AM on the turntables. There seems to be a lot more interaction between the drummer and the DJ now and even if it’s still based on HipHop, Rock and related there’s also more Electronic Beats in the new set. Check ’em out. We love it!!!

Here’s part 1 of their show, but there’s more on the net to find:

Controllerism with a Vestax VCI-300

May 18, 2009

To kick off as a contributor for this new blog I start with posting this video. It shows me looking for ideas to work out for a Controllerism routine with the Vestax VCI-300 Midicontroller and Serato ITCH software.

This is some stuff I’m still working on:

-Playing drums with the CUE-buttons and creating melodies using the pitchfader at the same time
-Backspins with a little help of cuepoints, so you don’t have to turn the jogwheels to get back at the same point of a track
-Cutting tracks into pieces and rearange them using the cuepoints or play new melodies like I did
-Using Ean Golden’s tempo trick in a different way
-Basic Scratches just to show that reacts like regular vinyl without any latency